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Discipleship Pathway

  • "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..."

Matthew 28:19

Following Jesus is the most exciting journey you can go on in life.  It's not always easy but you can guarantee it'll lead you to some unexpected places.  A disciple is a whole-hearted follower of Jesus, an apprentice believing the truth of the gospel, learning the ways of the kingdom, and experiencing the life in the Spirit Christ makes available. A successful spiritual journey is established on strong foundations. At Centrepoint, we want to do everything we can so that your relationship with God starts well.

Starting Out? Start here...

  • One2One

  • Purple Book

If you are a new Christian or exploring what it means to follow Christ, start here. This brief introduction to following Jesus is a seven-lesson guide to help jumpstart your walk with God. One2One is designed to be done in conversation with another person.
Please contact us to begin One2One today.
The Purple Book is a Bible study for building strong spiritual foundations.  It is designed to help believers know and apply the essential beliefs of Christianity. 
What does it take to flourish and grow in your faith? Using a group format our Discipleship Pathway sets you up for success in your spiritual journey from the foundations of faith to flourishing in leadership.  See our calendar for the next classes in the Discipleship Pathway.

What's next on your journey?