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Bible Alive

What is it?

Bible Alive is an exciting programme that teaches children in P5–P7 the whole story line of the Bible in a series of interactive multi-media lessons.

It began in Scotland in 2005 (developed from a programme by Walk Through The Bible) and has been run by SU Scotland since 2011. It has been designed to contribute to the experiences and outcomes in the RME section of Curriculum for Excellence and is currently used in over 74 Scottish schools.

Bible Alive uses story-telling, music, drama, puppets, quizzes, activities, props and costumes to bring the Bible to life. It is held together by Rhyme & Sign, a set of ten rhyming couplets which recap the story of the Bible, accompanied by British Sign Language signs. The programme is flexible and the whole Bible is usually taught in schools in one hour lessons over 7-8 weeks.

"It is good fun when we act out scenes from the Bible.
It makes you understand more."

- Pupil

"I loved it and the Bible is more fun than I thought."

- Pupil

"It is a unique way of presenting RME in line with Curriculum for Excellence and teaching staff who were present were amazed at the way
in which the children listened and remembered as well as the interactive nature of the lessons.
I personally have not seen anything better in this area of the curriculum."

- Teacher

Meet the team.

Jenna McGuinness

Community Director & Bible Alive Teacher
Jenna has over 20 years of experience teaching a variety of subjects to audiences ranging from primary school to adults. With a degree in Marine & Environmental Biology from the University of St Andrews she has a passion not just for science but also for the Bible. Jenna is our Community Director in Centrepoint Church and the programme director for both our Holiday Clubs and Bible Alive.  

Kirsty Holt

Bible Alive Teacher
Kirsty is a dynamic teacher with over 17 years of experience teaching the Bible to children of all ages. She is one of Centrepoint Kids’ key leaders and one of our main presenters at our summer holiday club programme for primary school children.
Safeguarding: All our teachers hold PVGs with both SU Scotland and Centrepoint Church.  All our helpers hold PVGs with Centrepoint Church. 

Bible Alive & CfE

Bible Alive fits with all 4 capacities of the Curriculum for Excellence and it covers many of the learning outcomes in the Christianity section of the RME Curriculum. 

Successful Learners

Bible Alive encourages children to be successful learners by using a wide variety of communication media to encourage enthusiasm and motivation for learning. By nature of its Content, it encourages listening skills and openness to new thinking and ideas

Successful Individuals

Bible Alive produces confident individuals. Rhyme ’n’ Sign develops confidence in the children’s ability to communicate with the hearing impaired. It also develops their confidence in reading aloud, taking part in drama and responding to questions. It gives them the opportunity to explore Christian values and beliefs. 

Responsible Citizens

Bible Alive develops the qualities required for responsible citizens. Respect for others is encouraged. Whilst the Old Testament narrative gives them an understanding of Jewish beliefs and culture, the teachings of Jesus offer a moral framework for living. 

Effective Contributors

Bible Alive encourages children to be effective contributors. Without a contribution from each child, Bible Alive has failed its objectives. Children are encouraged to communicate and respond in different ways. 
As well as fitting generally with the 4 capacities of the Curriculum  for Excellence, Bible Alive meets a number of the specific learning outcomes for the Christianity section of the RME Curriculum and some of the Judaism section.

  • RME 2-01a
  • RME 2-01b
  • RME 2-01c
  • RME 2-02a
  • RME 2-02b
  • RME 2-03a
  • RME 2-03b
  • RME 2-03c