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A Home for Centrepoint

A place to worship God, serve our community and reach the world.

After years of looking for an appropriate venue, we are thrilled to announce that Centrepoint Church has purchased the former St. David’s Church site on George Street in Bathgate. This historic building will become the permanent home for our growing congregation.

St. David's Church

St. David’s Church in Bathgate town centre will serve as a home for Centrepoint and as a base for extending God’s good news throughout Scotland and Europe. This Bathgate landmark was built in 1905 with a capacity of 700 people to accommodate a growing congregation. Designed by an award-winning architect, it is marked by a distinctive Star of David on the roof gable above the sanctuary, affirming the Jewish roots from which Christianity sprang through Jesus, the Son of David. St. David’s was a place where generations before us found spiritual solace, guidance and wisdom. But it was not only a community pillar; as an apostolic hub, it planted other churches, established gospel missions, and ministered to local people from all walks of life.

Our Vision

By returning a house of God to its original purpose, we will help restore spiritual vitality to Bathgate and provide a place for people in our community and beyond to discover life in Christ. As we worship God, serve our community and reach the world, St. David’s will provide a platform for gospel ministry for generations to come. St David’s will serve as a home for Centrepoint Church and our school of ministry. The legacy of this historic building will live on as St David’s becomes a place of worship, community service, and international outreach.

What's Happening?

We are currently undertaking renovation work to make St. David’s an appropriate place for worship and community activity. We anticipate opening St. David’s for public worship no later than Christmas. Stay tuned here for updates and announcements of progress.

As we progress with the restoration and renovation of this historic building we are keen to document stories from the past. If you have a story you'd like to share with us you can submit your stories here. 
As we restore St. David’s and make it our home, a legacy of outreach and ministry will live on through our mission to worship God, serve our community and reach the world.
‘Acquiring St. David’s is a significant development that marks a new phase in the life of our church. While we are extremely grateful to have been able to use Simpson Primary School as our base since our founding, our congregation has grown significantly in recent years and it is simply no longer fit for purpose. Purchasing St David’s is the product of a long-term search for a permanent home, and it is the perfect space with which to meet our needs both now and well into the future. We are deeply thankful for the opportunity to transform this historic building once again into a sacred space for worship, fellowship and spiritual growth for the benefit of not only Bathgate, but West Lothian and beyond.'
Senior Pastor Tom Jackson

How You Can Make a Difference

  • Donate generously: Every contribution brings us one step closer to our goal.
  • Spread the word: Please share our fundraising campaign with friends, family, and colleagues who believe in the power of faith and community.
  • Pray: Your spiritual support is just as vital as your financial contributions.
Thank you for your partnership in this project. May our collective effort in faith bring blessing and renewal to Bathgate.