Ukraine Relief Fund

Event  Submission Form

Read Carefully

Events should be submitted 3 weeks in advance. 
Any event submitted within 14 days prior to the event may not be included.

Submissions are checked once a week, usually on a Monday morning. Submissions after this will be included the following week. 

Before you submit an event, ensure you have looked at the Events Calendar to ensure there are no clashes.

Please take into account the following:

Ministry Mondays:
Mondays are typically reserved for Centrepoint and Every Nation Discipleship Pathway events. We will unlikely schedule anything that clashes with one of these events on our website.
Note that many of these run over multiple weeks. Please check the individual events for their duration.

Location specific event:
All events are assumed to be for both locations unless there's a good reason not to include them.
If an event is planned in one location you may schedule a clashed event in another location assuming central resources are not required for both. e.g. a student meal in Edinburgh may clash with a family picnic in Bathgate.

If in doubt contact the person organising the other event or contact